Thursday, September 24, 2015

Saint & Sinner

In the reports that I have heard this week of the visit of Pope Francis, one of the commentators mentioned a well-known quote from Oscar Wilde:  Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future. To my mind, this gets at the entry point for authentic conversation. In developing a series of classes for the month of October, I tried to set the stage for multiple entry points for authentic conversation for our Sunday Faith Formation Forum.  I would like to encourage you to review the topics below and begin to consider the questions raised and take some time to formulate questions of your own.  I'm looking forward to our time together in the weeks ahead for listening, learning, and growing as authentic disciples of Jesus.

Faith Formation Forum

Topics for October 2015
Sundays @ 8:45 AM

October 4
Identity & Mission
Who am I? What am I to do?
We'll hear about who God says we are alongside many other descriptions from society, self, and tradition. Ultimately, our sense of calling and vocation in light of our identity will be discussed .

October 11
Power & Weakness
When we are weak, we tend to protest and look the other way in order to avoid a hard truth about who we are. Often a lifetime is spent in denial of limitations and conditions we rarely consider God-given and necessary. 
Where is the true power in your life?

Lucas Cranach the Younger, 
detail from "Christ and the Woman Taken in Adultery" 
(after 1532), oil on copperplate, 
The Hermitage, St. Petersburg. 

October 18
Self & Others
It's a delicate balance! How is it working out in your life? 
Has self-will run its course yet? Are others really worthy of our attention, service and love? Where do we meet Jesus?

October 25
Fear & Faith
We walk by fear and not by faith!  Is that how it goes?
Be afraid, be very afraid!  Really?  Who says?
Whatever happened to the Freedom of a Christian?
What force molds and shapes your life?  How about our life together?

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