Monday, April 4, 2022

Holy Week 2022

 Dear Family and Friends of St. Luke,

+  Grace and Peace to you.

With so much beyond our ability to control, it should come as no surprise that we are frequently overwhelmed. The rate of change in our world is quickening, and the consequences of our behavior seem to grow in both seriousness and severity. You may wonder what are we to do? I suggest that we take the opportunity that the next several weeks present to ground ourselves in the central story of God’s victory in Christ over sin, death, and the devil. Read on.

Sunday, April 10 is Sunday of the Passion/Palm Sunday. At 10:00 AM we will gather for worship in the midst of shouts of Hosanna! and Crucify Him! At the beginning of the week we call Holy, this Sunday prepares us for the days ahead as we experience the dissonance of which we are capable in our lives of Christian discipleship.  

Thursday, April 14 is Maundy Thursday.  Our Lenten observance comes to an end as we will gather for worship this evening at 7:00 PM with Christians around the world to begin the celebration of the Three Days of Jesus’ death and resurrection. This night we remember Christ’s last meal with his disciples, but the central focus is his commandment (Mandate, Mandatum) that we live out the promise embodied in this meal. As Jesus washed his disciples’ feet, so we are called to give and receive love in humble service to one another. Departing worship in solemn silence, we anticipate the coming days.

Friday, April 15 is Good Friday. At 12:00 Noon there will be a service called The Way of the Cross.  Our Good Friday Liturgy (Tenebrae Service) will be at 7:00 PM.

Sunday, April 17 is The Resurrection of Our Lord/Easter Sunday. Our Festival Service of Worship and Praise will be held at 10:00 AM. This year we will welcome an ensemble of musicians from the Cumberland Valley School of Music. They will offer special music as well as robust accompaniment to our singing of hymns.

I’m looking forward to the days ahead with you. Please take advantage of this occasion to invite someone to come to worship with you. For healing, for hope, for a home in turbulent times, what better place to be than in the midst of the Body of Christ?

In Christ’s love for you,

Pastor Frye


I am deeply grateful for the thoughtful, caring, and generous gift presented to me on the occasion of my 25th ordination anniversary.  While I am aware that our bishop notifies the congregation of these milestones, I had originally requested that no fuss be made on my account. However, it occured to me that the celebration is equally yours as it signifies the healing, vitality, and faithfulness of this congregation in being a good partner in ministry.  May God continue to bless our sharing in the Gospel. On behalf of Heidi and myself, THANK YOU!

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